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Partial Hospitalization in Hawaii

Numerous options for alcoholism treatment exist in Hawaii for individuals who have developed a dependency. While they all have the same goal of helping addicts recover, each program has a unique structure to fit specific individual’s needs. Partial hospitalization in Hawaii is geared towards ensuring safety during withdrawal and providing outpatient care after detox is completed.

What is a PHP?

A PHP, also referred to as a day/night program, is designed to help addicts begin recovery. People may start off with detoxing to cleanse the system from addictive substances. Then, they go through treatment to help the person learn about addiction and how to avoid it in the future.


Partial hospitalization in Hawaii is more structured than outpatient programs but do not have the restrictions of residential programs. A person will spend all day in treatment and then go home for overnight before returning the next day for more treatment.


Some PHPs are affiliated with sober living homes, and the person may go there at night if they have no other place to live. They may be transported back and forth, which helps limit access to addictive substances or other negative influences.


These programs offer a variety of therapies, which often includes medication therapy, behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing and other treatments. When a person is admitted to the program, they are evaluated and a treatment plan is developed with specific therapies. They continue in the program for a specific amount of time, and the treatment plan may be altered as needed to help the person continue to progress.


Who Benefits from Partial Hospitalization in Hawaii?

A PHP is the ideal choice for certain addicts. People who need more help than what outpatient services provide can benefit from the structure of a PHP. However, they generally don’t need 24-hour supervision.


Partial hospitalization services in Hawaii offer support and treatment while allowing the person to return home and have some independence. They receive intensive treatment and still can spend time with family members. The family learns about addiction and helps support the person as they progress in treatment.


People who have been through a residential treatment program may also benefit from a PHP. They may not feel ready to live on their own, and choose to continue treatment in a partial hospitalization setting.


How to Choose a Partial Hospitalization Program in Hawaii

When considering treatment for a drug addiction, you want to compare your options. Check out the available PHPs in Hawaii, and visit the facilities. Ask questions and get a tour to learn more about what they have to offer and what programs are available.



A PHP and a sober living home can be an effective combination for people with no place to live or those who don’t want to be around other addicts. Another option is for the person to live with family or friends who will offer support during treatment. It’s important to choose a situation that will continue to support the person even when they aren’t in treatment to help prevent relapse.


Because all PHPs don’t include the exact same programs, it’s also an important consideration. Choose a treatment center that includes programs you feel will benefit you or your loved one. Some offer special therapies to assist with group and individual counseling.


If you have a loved one who needs drug addiction treatment in Hawaii, encourage them to seek help. Let them know that options exist to fit their needs. No matter what kind of addiction they have or for how long, they can receive help and begin the road to recovery. Overcoming addiction is possible with the right resources and support.