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Alternative Treatment in Hawaii

Drug and alcohol addiction can be treated in numerous ways, depending on the treatment facility and the individual’s chemical dependency. Alternative treatment in Hawaii is an additional form of addiction therapy that can be combined with traditional rehabilitation methods. While most rehabilitation programs are based on medical, motivational, cognitive, or behavioral principles, a number of alternative approaches have become available in recent times. Studies have proven that a combination of both these treatments and alternative treatments allows patients to find what recovery tools work best for them. Examples of conventional therapy include family therapy, motivational enhancement therapy, 12-step facilitation, and relapse prevention. Examples of alternative treatment include art therapy, music therapy, drama therapy, biofeedback, equine therapy, experiential therapy, mindfulness and meditation, yoga and physical therapy.


The Drug Treatment Process

In order to understand the importance of alternative treatment in Hawaii, it’s necessary to recognize how conventional methods are applied throughout the treatment process. Addiction intervention, also known as crisis intervention, marks the start of the treatment process for many people. During an intervention, the friends and family of drug addicts attempt to confront them in order to get them to accept professional help. Detox marks the next phase of treatment, with natural and medical detox programs both available across the state of Hawaii. Detox helps people stop using drugs and treats the physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms that arise during drug discontinuation. Rehab marks the next phase of treatment, including medical and psychotherapeutic programs that tackle the precedents of drug addiction. Aftercare marks the last phase of treatment, with programs applied during this stage to promote long-term recovery. While nonconventional detox programs are available, most alternative therapies are applied during rehab and aftercare.


Cognitive Behavioral Approach

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) has proved useful across a range of substance use disorders, including alcoholism, opiate abuse, marijuana abuse, cocaine abuse, and methamphetamine abuse. This treatment approach was originally designed to support problem drinkers, and has since been used to treat a wide array of mental health and substance use disorders. CBT attempts to alter problematic behavior by analyzing and changing distorted thinking and emotional patterns, with clients learning how to identify the issues that influence drug-taking behavior. While CBT is a well-established and conventional method of drug addiction, a number of alternative therapies utilize a similar approach.


Creative Therapies

Creative therapies help patients identify and deal with their thoughts and feelings through creative applications. Art therapy, drama therapy and music therapy are the most well-known examples, with other programs also available on an individual basis. Creative therapies are very useful during the rehabilitation and aftercare phases of drug treatment, with therapists helping people to get in touch with their inner self and communicate their thoughts and feelings through the creative process. Creative therapies often borrow ideas from other forms of psychotherapy, with cognitive, behavioral and motivational principles used to create long-term lifestyle changes.


Spiritual and Religious Programs

A number of religious and spiritual drug treatment programs are available in Hawaii and across the United States, including 12-step support groups, meditation and mindfulness, and religious education. While most rehab programs focus on the emotional and environmental aspects of drug treatment, religious programs emphasize spiritual relationships and connection. The traditional 12-step approach is spiritual in nature, with clients needing to admit a lack of control over their addiction before recognizing a higher power to help restore sanity to their lives. Some spiritual programs are based on meditation practices, with drug addicts taught how to recognize and control their internal cravings and emotions.

If you know anyone in Hawaii who is struggling with drug addiction, contact a treatment center today. It’s not too late to seek help. If traditional rehabilitation methods haven’t worked for you in the past, alternative treatment in Hawaii may be effective in helping you overcome your addiction.