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Medical Detox in Hawaii

Drug or alcohol addiction is a serious condition, which can often be life-threatening. Anyone with a loved one who is addicted must encourage them to seek treatment. One of the reasons many hesitate to get help is because of the fears of detoxification. If you can present the facts about medical detox to your loved one, it may alleviate those fears and allow them to get the professional help they need. Medical detox in Hawaii is safe and the caring staff with the rehabilitation center ensure comfort during the difficult time.


Understanding Medical Detox in Hawaii

Detox is the process of removing the addictive substance from the system of the addict. Without aids such as medical detox, this process can be quite painful and even dangerous. The system has grown accustomed to the presence of the substance and doesn’t know how to function without it. Anytime the substance is gone, the body will present certain withdrawal symptoms that become worse.

The only way to alleviate these symptoms is by getting more of the substance. The addict continues in a vicious cycle because they don’t want to go through the pain of withdrawal. These symptoms vary based on the addictive substance being used. For example, alcoholics often show signs such as severe sweating and shaking, depression and irritability. In the most severe cases, they have what is known as delirium tremens, which impacts the nervous system. The person will become confused and agitated and may even sleep for extended periods of time. They may also suffer from seizures, which can be fatal.

Other substances may cause various symptoms, which can be dangerous for the addict. Many addicts return to using the drug to avoid the pain and discomfort of withdrawal.


How Medical Detox Helps

In a treatment facility, a medical provider can prescribe medications to help with these symptoms. The medications can alleviate certain symptoms or they can slow down the detox process. For instance, methadone is a common medication given in opiate addiction, such as with heroin. This medication mimics the effects of the addiction and tricks the brain into thinking it is still present in the system but without the addictive qualities.

Medications like methadone are often gradually reduced until they are no longer needed. Other medications, such as naloxone, are given to prevent abuse of opiates. This medication may also be given in case of overdose. Naloxone prevents the euphoric sensations that come from opiate use.


Why You Shouldn’t Detox Alone

People who have been heavy addicts will find it difficult to stop on their own. Because their bodies crave the substance, the withdrawal symptoms are too severe for them to deal with. In some cases, it can even be dangerous, and the risk of seizures, stroke or a heart attack may increase when a person stops using a substance.

When detoxing is handled in a treatment center, the person is first evaluated to determine the risks and need for medication. They don’t have to suffer through detox, but they can receive medication to treat specific symptoms.

In addition to the medications, the person received ongoing support and supervision to help prevent relapse. If a medical emergency should arise, the person would receive help much faster than if they are trying to detox alone.

If you or a loved one is addicted and considering treatment, know that medical detox in Hawaii can assist you in breaking your physical addiction and in a comfortable way. Help them understand how it can benefit them and make recovery easier and more successful. You never have to go through detox alone. With the numerous resources available, you can find the help you need to begin the path to recovery. Call a professional addiction specialist with a medical detox in Hawaii today.